About Us

Wilderness Ridge Farm is our family's oasis against the negative elements in our
modern society.
Morning coffee on this West Virginia ridge-top farm comes without sirens or car alarms, more likely to hear "moo's", quacks and chirps. Views are of surrounding woodlands and pastures.

Fighting morning traffic is replaced with a trip to the barnyard to feed and check on
everyone, where we are always greeted with excitement and anticipation.

Security for the farm is provided by four legged (friendly)guards and a five foot fence around the garden which is where most of the thievery occurs.

Established in 1976, the original homestead was salvaged and renovated to become the working farm which is found today. Much attention is paid to organic food production on Wilderness Ridge Farm. Residents of the farm include retired race horses, beef cows, pigs, turkeys, dogs, cats, ducks and chickens.  Some animals are present only in summer.

Come and stay with us for a day or so, we promise you an experience that will always be remembered.

  QUESTIONS? 304.675.7216

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